(Updated November 2022)

Article I.


The name of this organization shall be: THE CATALINA 22 NATIONAL SAILING ASSOCIATION, INC., hereinafter called THE ASSOCIATION.

Article II.


THE ASSOCIATION is organized to coordinate nation-wide Catalina 22 class racing, interfleet cruising activities, and to serve as a central media for distribution of information and publicity pertinent to Catalina 22 yachts.

Article III.



The Logo represents the Catalina 22 National Sailing Association organization. The standard Logo of THE ASSOCIATION has a blue filled color with “Catalina 22 National Sailing Association” in white font as pictured below. The fill color, font type and font color of the circle may be changed when necessary. The Catalina 22 Insignia is embedded in the Logo. The Logo shall not be used in place of the Insignia on sails.


MainBrace is the official news publication of THE ASSOCIATION and may be available as a document-based publication or web-based publication. Any changes made to the presentation format of the MainBrace publication approved by the Governing Board shall not require the membership to vote to amend the Constitution, Bylaws, or Class Rules as long as such changes do not alter the intent, or the intended timeline of any activities identified in the Articles of the Constitution, Bylaws and Class Rules documentation.

Article IV.


A. To promote and maintain the characteristics of the Catalina 22 yacht and expected observance of the Class Rules.

B. Promote family participation in events and camaraderie among Catalina 22 owners.

C. To keep the cost of acquisition and upkeep of Catalina 22 yachts within reasonable limits without sacrificing the established high standards of performance and seaworthiness.

C. To cooperate with other yachting and sailing organizations in pursuit of the Corinthian art.

Article V.


THE ASSOCIATION shall be divided into twelve (12) regions as enumerated in the Bylaws.

Article VI.


A. THE ASSOCIATION has jurisdiction over all Catalina 22 Class racing activities. Its Constitution, Bylaws and Class Rules are binding upon all member Fleets and Members-at-large.

B. All disputes between Fleets, or a Fleet and other yachting organization, regarding interpretation of this document shall be resolved by the Governing Board of THE ASSOCIATION whose decision shall be final.

C. THE ASSOCIATION shall not be liable for any debts contracted by its Officers, Fleet Officers, or members other than expenditures as authorized by the budget, or upon written approval of the Governing Board.

D. THE ASSOCIATION reserves the right to declare ineligible any member who does not conform to the spirit, as well as the letter of this document.

Article VII.


A. A new Fleet shall be granted a Charter upon acceptance of the “Fleet Charter Application” by the Secretary/Treasurer that is submitted by three (3) or more individual Catalina 22 owners who are members of the Association.

B. Each Fleet represents a territorial area. The Fleet shall be self-governing in all local matters not conflicting with THE ASSOCIATION Constitution and Bylaws and has the authority to accept or reject application for Fleet membership. As a minimum, a Fleet shall elect a Fleet Captain who shall be an active member of THE ASSOCIATION.

Article VIII.


A. The Governing Board consists of all Executive Officers. The Governing Board shall assume office immediately upon election and with the exception of the Vice Commodore, shall serve two-years term. Governing Board members may serve for multiple consecutive terms except for the Vice Commodore.

B. A quorum of the Governing Board shall consist of a majority.

C. The Governing Board shall have the authority to enforce its decisions by suspensions of entire Fleets or Individual members.

D. The Governing Board shall appoint a five-member Class Rules Committee.

Article IX.


A. National Commodore: shall preside at meetings, serve as Chairman of the Governing Board and appoint special committees as required.

B. Vice Commodore: shall be responsible for arranging THE ASSOCIATION'S Championship Regatta and the Annual Meeting.

C. Rear Commodore: with exception of THE ASSOCIATION'S Championship Regatta, the Rear Commodore shall be a liaison between the Governing Board and the organizer of Catalina 22 racing events, such as local regattas and regional championships of THE ASSOCIATON. The Rear Commodore shall perform the duties of the Commodore in his absence, and shall serve as Commodore for the unexpired term, should the office of Commodore be vacated for any reason.

D. Secretary/Treasurer: shall be responsible for all correspondence; record the minutes of meetings; maintain accurate and current records of members, fleets and Fleet Officers. He shall notify the membership of special events, decisions affecting THE ASSOCIATION'S policies and suspended fleets. He shall maintain financial records and securities of THE ASSOCIATION. He shall deposit funds. He will disburse funds only on approval of the Governing Board.

E. Chief Measurer: shall be responsible for coordinating all matters pertaining to measurement standards for the Catalina 22. He shall be the chairman of the Rules Committee. He shall be custodian of the Class Rules and the Certificate of Measurement. He shall grant or reject all measurement certificates, issue duplicates, and answer all questions from Fleet Measurer regarding measurement rules. He shall interpret rules and regulations concerning sail plan, rigging and equipment and shall make rulings on matters not specifically covered in the One Design Rules and Specifications. Such rulings shall be subject to approval by the Governing board. The Chief Measurer shall not approve changes in specifications, sail plans or rigging. Note: Clarification of requirements for obtaining an Official Certificate of Measurement is contained in the Catalina 22 Class Rules. 

F. Editor/Webmaster: Shall be responsible for the MainBrace publication, website, and digital media of THE ASSOCIATION. 

At the discretion of the Governing Board, the Editor/Webmaster position may be filled by one individual or divided into two positions with each officer having one vote. When two individuals fill the position, the responsibilities will be divided up such. Editor: shall be responsible for the newsletter(s) of the association which includes submissions to external magazines such as Mainsheet and updates to the Technical Manual. Webmaster: shall be responsible for the operation of THE ASSOCIATION'S websites and digital media platforms.

G. Cruising Captain: shall be a liaison between the Governing Board and organizers of Catalina 22 cruising events of THE ASSOCIATION.

H. Past Commodore: Upon completion of their term of office, the Commodore assumes this office to ensure continuity of the Board by serving in an advisory, non-voting position for a term of two years. In the event that the Rear Commodore cannot assume the responsibilities of Commodore if the Commodore’s office is vacated, the Past Commodore will become Acting Commodore for the sole purpose of convening the Board for the election of a new Commodore. If the immediate Past Commodore is not eligible to assume this office, the Board will then identify and appoint a person to fill this position to facilitate the election of a new Commodore. 

I. Board Handbook: All Officers of the Governing Board may be required to have additional duties as stated in the Official Board Handbook. The Governing Board may update this any time as needed.

Article IX.


The Annual Meeting of THE ASSOCIATION shall be held during, and in the same location, as THE ASSOCIATION'S championship regatta.

Article XI.


A. 15 members with voting rights representing at least two fleets in good standing and a minimum of 2 Board officers shall constitute a quorum.

B. Roll Call of Regions and Fleets will be taken for historical purposes.

Article XII.


A. Members who are owners and/or co-owners of a Catalina 22 in good standing shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote.

B. Proposed amendment to the Constitution or Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Governing Board. Revision of an amendment of the Constitution or Bylaws requires the following be published in THE ASSOCIATION'S MainBrace publication.

1st issue – first draft of proposed amendment and sample ballot

2nd issue – pro and con submission from members

3rd issue – pros and cons, finalized proposed amendment, ballot

4th issue –publication of results

C. An approved ballot must be returned on or before the deadline date printed on the ballot.

D. A 2/3 majority of those voting is required for the proposed amendment to pass.

E. A revision or amendment will not become effective until at least three (3) months after the results are published in THE ASSOCIATION'S MainBrace publication. The effective date will be posted in the publication of voting results.

Article XIII.


A. The Constitution and Bylaws may never be suspended, but they may be amended by vote of the membership. All proposed amendments require the sponsorship of two (2) fleets or one (1) fleet and the Governing Board.

B. The Governing Board may make minor changes to the Constitution and Bylaws as necessary to keep the documents up to date, in response to managing publications on the website, and if changes do not alter the original purpose and intent of any Articles. Such changes shall be published in MainBrace prior to the change and following the change.

C. The Class Rules may be revised or amended per the process as outlined in Section O of the Class Rules. The Class Rules may not over-ride the Constitution/Bylaws.

Article XIV.


A. Catalina 22 Owners may apply for membership in THE ASSOCIATION by completing the Membership Form. A non-Catalina 22 owner may maintain membership in THE ASSOCIATION for the sole purpose of staying informed of THE ASSOCIATION'S activities and its members, who has given up voting rights, and may not serve on the Governing Board or the Class Rules Committee.

B. A member of THE ASSOCIATION may be eligible to race in any Catalina 22 sanctioned regatta or race except those restricted in the Notice of Race. A member must be prepared to present the Official Certificate of Measurement.

C. A member shall not belong to more than one fleet at one time.

D. In the case of multiple ownership, a co-owner must be a member of THE ASSOCIATION if he is to participate in an Association sanctioned event as the skipper or helmsman. All co-owners need not be members of THE ASSOCIATION in order for the boat to be issued a Measurement Certificate. However, only the names of members of THE ASSOCIATION will appear on the Measurement Certificate.

E. To be eligible for participation in THE ASSOCIATION'S National Championship Regatta, the skipper/helmsman of a Catalina 22 shall be a paid member in good standing of THE ASSOCIATION prior to the date of the first race of that Regatta.




(Updated November 2022)

Article I.


Fleets shall notify THE ASSOCIATION Secretary/Treasurer when a new Fleet Captain is elected.

Article II.


A. Each Fleet must file its annual fleet report by February 1 of each year with Secretary/Treasurer. This may be performed on the Association’s website.

B. A Fleet Captain shall notify the Secretary/Treasurer if the fleet is disbanding.

Article III.


A. The amount of THE ASSOCIATION annual dues shall be determined by the Governing Board. The amount proposed for the annual dues shall be voted on by ballot by membership and shall become effective immediately. A simple majority of the votes cast shall be required. 

B. Income and expenses of the Association shall be accounted by the Secretary/Treasurer, and a financial statement will be available to THE ASSOCIATION annually.

C. The Secretary/Treasurer and Editor/Webmaster may be compensated for their service at the discretion of the Governing Board. Compensation for the Secretary/Treasurer will be based on a per registered member/per year amount that is paid monthly. Compensation for the Editor/Webmaster will be in the form of an hourly rate for MainBrace preparation that is paid monthly. In addition, the Secretary/Treasurer and Editor/Webmaster may receive a monthly allotment for the purpose of maintaining an office, computer, software, and other equipment necessary to fulfill the requirements of the position. The amount of compensation for the Secretary/Treasurer, Editor/Webmaster, and office allotment will be determined by the Governing Board.

D. THE ASSOCIATION may provide a portion of its income to fleet or regional development and activity. Any Member of THE ASSOCIATION may submit a written request to the Board for a Development Grant.  The written request for a Development Grant shall describe the purpose of grant and the dollar amount.  The request shall be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer who shall present the request to the Board for review.  The Board will review the request and based on the merit of the request. The Board shall use its discretion to either approve or not approve the request.  If approved, the Board may request feedback on the use of the Development Grant.  Each year, the Board will budget a designated amount for Development Grants that is determined by the overall annual budget.

E. Fleet dues shall be determined by individual fleets.

Article IV.


A. National, Regional, and Fleet Officers Insignia may be displayed by individuals elected to those offices. The insignia shall be as follows:

1. National Governing Board Officers

Blue stars
White background
Numerals are in black (year in office)

Commodore - 5 stars (Blue)

Past Commodore - 5 stars (Gold)

Vice Commodore - 4 stars (in a square)

Rear Commodore - 3 stars (in a triangle)

Secretary/Treasurer - 2 stars (side-by-side)

Chief Measurer - 1 star (centered)

Editor/Webmaster - 2 diamonds (side-by-side) Each officer will be awarded a flag when the position is held by two individuals.

Cruising Captain - 1 diamond (centered)


2. Regional Officers


Blue stars
White background
Numerals are black

Commodore - 3 stars (as shown)

Vice Commodore - 2 stars (side-by-side)

Secretary - 1 star (centered)


3. Fleet Officers


Red stars
White background
Numerals are black

Fleet Captain - 3 stars (triangle)

Vice Fleet Captain - 2 stars (side-by-side)

Secretary/Treasurer - 1 star (centered)

Note: Catalina 22 Class insignia on all three flags shall be the approved insignia as designed by Catalina Yachts and described in the Class Rules.

Article V.


A. THE ASSOCIATION shall be divided into twelve geographic regions. Each regional group will elect (minimum) a Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Secretary. The Regional Officers will be responsible for coordinating racing/cruising activities, assisting in organization of new fleets, and coordinating the Regional Championship Regatta.

B. The Regional Division shall be as follows:

Region 1 -NORTHEAST- Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut.

Region 2 -EAST CENTRAL- Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania.

Region 3 -SOUTHERN- Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Southern Louisiana.

Region 4 -GREAT LAKES- Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Southern Wisconsin.

Region 5 -MIDWEST- Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa.

Region 6 -ROCKY MOUNTAIN- Montana, Wyoming, Utah

Region 7 -NORTH CENTRAL- North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin.

Region 8 - SOUTHWEST- Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Northern Louisiana.

Region 9 - NORTHWEST- Washington, Oregon, Idaho.

Region 10 - FARWEST- California, Nevada, Arizona.

Region 11 - HAWAIIAN PACIFIC – The Hawaiian Islands.

Region 12 – ALASKAN – Alaska.

Article VI.

A. The Officers enumerated in Article VIII of the Constitution shall be elected in alternating years by secret ballot at the Annual Regular General Membership Meeting. In odd years the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Measurer, and Cruise Captain are elected. In even years the Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary/Treasurer, and Editor/Webmaster are elected. A plurality vote shall elect such officers. Such votes shall include all valid votes made in person by the members in attendance at the Regular General Membership Meeting and also all votes cast by valid absentee ballots, as set forth in subparagraph "E" below. In the event that a quorum for the Annual Meeting is not satisfied, officers may be elected upon receipt of 25 ballots, including absentee ballots, received by the current Secretary/Treasurer or designee approved by the Governing Board.

B. Such Officers may be nominated either by the Nominating Committee, by the Governing Board, by complying with the alternative procedure set forth in subparagraph "E" below. They may also be nominated from the floor at the Regular General Membership Meeting.

C. A Nominating Committee composed of Regional Commodores may select and nominate one person each office referred to above and shall certify such nominations in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer of THE ASSOCIATION on or before February 1 of each year. Such certifications shall include a brief of the facts and information about each nominee which makes him or her well qualified for the office in question. The Nominating Committee shall be notified of this request in writing by the Commodore no later than December 1 of the year prior to the elections.

D. Additional nominations may be made by delivering to the Secretary/Treasurer of THE ASSOCIATION no later than February 1 each year a written instrument signed by at least ten  (10) members of THE ASSOCIATION in good standing or alternatively signed by the Fleet Captain of a fleet in good standing (certifying that by plurality vote such fleet had voted to make the nominations listed), stating the name and address of the persons nominated and the offices for which they are office in question. The Governing Board may also make nominations by certifying the same in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer no later than February 15.

E. The Secretary/Treasurer shall cause the names of all persons nominated for office, in accordance with subparagraphs "C" and "D" above, to be published in the Spring issue of the MainBrace. To the extent possible, such MainBrace shall also include a brief description of the facts and information concerning each candidate making him or her fit for office in question. Insofar as is reasonably possible, an equal amount of space shall be devoted to each candidate and the persons who were nominated by the Governing Board shall not be made known in the MainBrace. In the same issue of such Main Brace, an official absentee ballot shall be included, listing the names of each nominee for each office and including a blank space in which additional write-in candidates may be listed and voted for. The ballot shall also provide clear instructions to be followed in voting by such absentee ballot, including the mechanical method of indicating one's vote, the deadline within which such ballot must be received by the Secretary/Treasurer, the name and address of the person to whom such ballot is to be sent, and the name, address and membership status of the voting member. All such absentee ballots must be postmarked by date printed on the Ballot. The Secretary/Treasurer shall not open or otherwise inspect such absentee ballots and instead shall hold and open them only upon the commencement of balloting for officers at the Regular General Membership meeting. No absentee ballot except for the one or a copy of the one appearing in the MainBrace shall be considered valid. Any disputes concerning the validity of any absentee ballot shall be resolved by a plurality vote of the Governing Board of THE ASSOCIATION then in office (See Article VII for special provisions regarding nomination and election of the Vice Commodore.)

Article VII.


A. The location of next year's National Championship Regatta shall be automatically determined by election of the Vice Commodore. To this end, each nomination for Vice Commodore must be accompanied by a written bid for next year's Nationals at a specific club or location. Such bid shall include all the information called for in form of bid to be approved by the Governing Board and furnished by the Board to any interested member of the Association upon request. The write-up on each candidate for Vice Commodore in the Spring issue of the MainBrace shall include as much information as reasonably possible concerning the bid for Nationals accompanying such nomination. Additional information and additional presentations may be furnished or made at the Regular General Membership Meeting and further nominations for Vice Commodore, accompanied by the required bid for the Nationals, may be made from the floor at such meeting.

B. The bid from a Fleet to host the National Championship Regatta shall be deemed accepted without any separate vote on the location of the National Championship Regattas.

C. Yacht clubs and/or facilities where no Fleets are located are eligible to submit a bid.

D. To be eligible for nomination as Vice Commodore, a candidate must be an owner of a Catalina 22 and a member of THE ASSOCIATION.

E. The location of the annual National Championship Regatta will be geographically rotated each year to allow for increased accessibility to the event by the membership. Reference Appendix A – National Championship Regatta Rotation.

If a bid is not received within the eligible Regions for the respective year, alternative bids may be submitted from within any Designated Region. In this situation, upon acceptance of an alternative bid, the Governing Board may vote to approve the re-alignment of the Year and Designated Regions in Appendix A only to the extent that the geographic rotation of Eastern-Central-Western is followed. Appendix A must be updated then communicated to the Membership via the official publication within 30 days of the change. A vote by the Membership to re-align Appendix A is not required.

Appendix A – National Championship Regatta Location

Updated: November 2022

Fleets located within the Designated Regions may submit a bid for the respective years:

Geographic Location Designated Regions Years
Eastern 1, 2, 3, 4 2025, 2028, 2031, 2034, 2037, 2040 
Central 5, 6, 7, 8 2023, 2026, 2029, 2032, 2035, 2038
Western 9, 10, 11, 12 2024, 2027, 2030, 2033, 2036, 2039