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The Catalina 22 Spring MainBrace is now available at www.catalina22.org

Featured in this issue:

  • Events
  • Dora McGee to Receive US Sailing’s John H. Gardiner Jr One Design Service Award
  • Updates to the Constitution, Bylaws and Class Rules
  • Ballots
  • Bid to Host the 2023 Catalina 22 National Championship Regatta
  • Ron Nash—Nominee for Vice Commodore
  • Mark Goodwin—Nominee for Rear Commodore
  • Special Awards
  • Officer Reports
  • Regional Commodore & Fleet Captain Reports
  • How to Contact a Regional Commodore or Fleet Captain
  • National Championship Regatta Promo
  • Race Scratch Sheets
  • How to Turn a Catalina 22 Over and Survive
  • Region 8 Regattas
  • Region 3 Championship
  • Hog Wild Regatta & Arkansas State Championship
  • Diagnosis of What We Were Doing Wrong
  • How Close Is Close?
  • Northern Gulf Coast Cruise
  • Great Lakes Cruise
  • Throwdown In Motown Regatta
  • Apostle Island Cruise
  • Cruiser’s Corner
  • Grand Annual Regatta
  • So I Married A Sailor—Functional First Aid: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  • A Scale Model of our Catalina 22 Sport Derrylin
  • As Seen on Facebook
  • Catalina 22 Class-approved Rudder
  • Membership Application

To submit an article for the Summer 2022 MainBrace, please send your article to the Editor (Rich Fox) by e-mail to c22mainbrace@yahoo.com no later than Noon Eastern on June 1. You may also submit articles to be posted on the website at any time, including Notice of Race, maintenance and tech tips, race results, pictures, cruise announcements, and adventurous Catalina 22 sailing stories.