Fall MainBrace is Available

Fall MainBrace is Available

Link to download the Fall MAINBRACE.

The Fall 2023 MainBrace is now available and also includes the "Welcome to Silver Fleet" content in its entirety as part of the renewed effort by the Catalina 22 National Sailing Association to encourage new Catalina 22 sailors to participate in the Silver Fleet at Association's annual National Championship Regatta.  A standalone version of the "Welcome to Silver Fleet: Enjoy the Fun of Catalina 22 Racing!" is also available. 



As this is the largest MainBrace publication produced in the 50+ year history of the Association, you will find the following articles this issue:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Why Race a Catalina 22?
  • An Invitation to the Catalina 22 Nationals
  • Silver Fleet—Give It A Try
  • Come to the Nationals They Said
  • Why Race in the Silver Fleet at the Nationals?
  • A Few Basic Performance Improvement Tips
  • Set-Up tip: Barney Post or Head-Knocker?
  • Catalina 22 Tuning Guide
  • Tuning Tricks with Doug Thome
  • BUC-EE Catalina 22 Racing Notes
  • The Fundaments of Telltales
  • Catalina 22 Basic Sail Trim Guide
  • More Racing and Rigging Tips in the Catalina 22 Technical Manual
  • Learn Race Tactics and Trim from North U
  • Getting Measured Q&A and Certificate of Measurement
  • A Visual Guide to Sail Measurement
  • Catalina 22 Class Rules: Review and Be Prepared
  • Let’s Go Racing: Learning the Racing Rules of Sailing
  • Understanding the Race Course
  • Understanding the Start Sequence
  • Race Management Tools
  • Big Boy Heavy Weight Trophy
  • Silver Fleet Perpetual Trophy
  • Other Awards and Recognition
  • Catalina 22 Nationals—Just Go!
  • Officer Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Class Rules Proposal—Head Foil
  • Regional News
  • Cruise Charleston to McClellanville
  • Cruiser’s Corner
  • Enhanced Transom Scuppers
  • Region 4 Championship
  • Gold Rush Regatta
  • Dillon Open Regatta