Technical Manual Index (an index of articles published in the Catalina 22 Technical Manual only):

If you want to see a list of technical articles in the Catalina 22 Technical Manual, then open the Tech Manual Index. The Tech Manual Index includes a list of articles from the 2006 Technical Manual, plus Update 2014, Update 2017, and Update 2019. Access to the Catalina 22 Technical Manual requires additional purchase and provides you with over 700 pages of content in PDF format. 

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Technical Article Guide is an index of all the available Catalina 22 technical articles, not just those in the Catalina 22 Technical Manual.

Download the Technical Article Guide (select "Techguide.pdf" below) to help you find over 600 previously published Catalina 22 technical articles in:

  • MainBrace - the official publication of the Catalina 22 National Sailing Association
  • Mainsheet - a publication by Catalina Yachts (additional subscription required)
  • Technical Manual - 2006 Edition, 2014 Update, 2017 Update, 2019 Update (access requires membership and additional purchase)
  • Website - Owner's Manual and Parts Catalog, Racing Tips, Sail Trim and Tuning Guides, and the Catalina 22 Buyer's Guide

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